Our Philosophy


Respect – Whakaute

  • We role model respect for ourselves, children, families, whānau, teachers, our community, the environment and resources (stakeholders).
  • We respect Tangata Whenua and the Treaty of Waitangi by connecting with local Iwi, whilst respecting all cultures values, beliefs and differences.

Whanaungatanga – Partnerships

  • Parents are first teachers; we honor and extend on the learning that happens at home; as partners we support and empower learning together to achieve shared values and goals within a quality learning environment.
  • Reciprocal relationships with stakeholders are shaped on trust and open communication.

Growing our Tamariki

  • Children are unique and successful, develop a sense of belonging, pride and belief in themselves, resilience, confidence, independence, and learn through uninterrupted
  • Children’s interests are scaffolded at their own pace by actively engaged Teachers who foster the principles of tuakana teina and ako; the reciprocal learning within mixed age group setting

Environment – Taiao Ako

  • Our nurturing environment welcomes, acknowledges and protects the cultures and values of all stakeholders.
  • Children explore and make discoveries by interacting with and valuing our unique spacious environment which is inclusive, exciting and challenging.