About Us

Darfield Preschool and Nursery caters for up to 12 infants (under 2 years) and up to 45 toddlers and pre-schoolers (2 years and over) in a spacious setting on the outskirts of Darfield.

We have a special Nursery area for the under twos, with its own dedicated outside area. Our Nursery does not do primary caregiving as such, however if a child gravitates toward a certain teacher we will support this.

Preschool children over two enjoy a very large outdoor area that promotes physical activity, exploration and appreciation of their natural world. The inside areas, including a spacious covered deck area, are very well resourced and children are always able to find something to extend their interests and enjoyment.

We operate under excellent teacher to child ratios of 1:3 in the Nursery and 1:8 in the Preschool which are better than those required by legislation.

Families are always welcomed at the centre and your input is valued. You are encouraged to spend time with your child/ren and any skills or interests you may have to share are greatly appreciated. You may also consider becoming more involved with the running of the centre by becoming a Board of Trustees member.

You can read our latest ERO report, conducted in March 2016.



We are a popular centre and if you are considering enrolling your child at Darfield Preschool and Nursery, it is important that you contact us as early as possible.

When a place has been confirmed for your child you will be contacted and you will need to fill in enrolment forms. These are available from the Centre’s Administrator Louise Hardham.

Board of Trustees

Darfield Preschool and Nursery is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board is made up of parents and meets once a month to ensure the centre continually meets the Ministry of Education requirements.

We always welcome new Board members so please do not hesitate to let us know if you are interested in joining the Board.


Darfield Preschool and Nursery has a number of policies and procedures that families must adhere to. These are available to view at preschool at the parent library.

We bring your attention to the following important policies (click on policy name to view):

Health and Safety for Children Policy

Bicultural Partnership Statement